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Reasons of Injection Mold Damage and Irregular Color

The manufacturer's biggest headache is mold damage in the process of injection molding. Today let's share the reasons with everyone.

1. If the injection molding mold is the same for a long time, without the maintenance, it is easy to damage, which is undoubtedly a greater burden for the injection mold processing plant, because the cost of injection mold processing is very expensive.

2. The assembling injection molding mold will not be exerted with much external force. But when it is installed in the injection machine and processed, it will bear all kinds of outer forces, triggering mold damage. Thus, injection molds must be able to bear the strength of all external forces.

3. When the cavity is finally completely filled, it must have a lot of injection strength to make it flow in.Although the pressure is usually maintained for less than 1 second, it still has a certain impact on the mold core and cavity.

Plastic injection molding product color is crucial to the overall feeling. People engaged in injection molding know that uneven color is a big headache to manufacturers. Here will introduce why there is uneven color in injection molding.

1. Bad diffusion of colorant makes patterns appear around the gate. 

2. PPoor thermal stability of plastics or colorants.If you want to stabilize the tone of the parts, you must strictly fix the production conditions, especially the material temperature, material quantity and production cycle.

3. For crystallized plastics, the cooling rate of each part of the workpiece should be consistent as far as possible. For the parts with large wall thickness difference, coloring agent can be used to mask the color difference; for the wall thickness of more uniform parts to fix good material temperature mold temperature.

4. The shape of the parts, the form of the gate and the position of the parts have an influence on the plastic filling situation, which causes some parts of the parts to produce color difference and need to be modified if necessary.

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