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CNC Department
Feman Tooling has a machining department made up of 8 CNC machines in total, including 2 Mori Seiki CNC center. Most of machines were imported from Japan.
All the cutter we are using were imported from Japan or Europe, Top quality cutter is a right way to ensure machining accuracy.
All of the cutter paths are developed on the floor using UG software. 


  2 - Mori Seiki NV4000 DCG High Speed Mills
  2 - Fanuc D14MiA High Speed Mills
  1 - Fanuc T14iFb High Speed Mills
  2 - Dahlih MCV 860 Vertical Machining Center
  1 - Litz DV1200 Vertical Machining Center
  1 - Litz DV800 High Speed Mills


Programmer &Operator

Two shifts of programmer and operator, cutter paths are generated very efficiently, keeping all of the machines on a tight schedule.



The CNC machines at Feman are kept in top running condition, and can accommodate various types of complicated machining duties. Feman is focused on using excellent equipment and innovative techniques


     • Everything is done on the floor

• Experienced operators

• Excellent Cutter