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Engineering Department

•  Engineering Manager communicates directly with Program Manager, and oversees all Engineering related activity.

•  Customer approvals and concerns are relayed through the Program Manager in Preliminary and Semi-Final reviews.
•  This multi-staged process ensures that customer's expectations are upheld throughout the design process.
•  Once all design information is approved, build process can begin.

Mold design

The design process begins almost immediately using UG ,Pro/e or AutoCAD. most tools are ready for steel approval within a week.All the design follows below process:

Ò»¡¢Feasibility Study

 a. Tool layouts   
 b. Gate Location
 c. Tool Construction

 d. Draft analysis

 e. Parting Line

 f. Ejection

 g.Part issues & wall thickness checking
 h. Surface Quality


Meanwhile, the project manager will collect injection machine

 information, shrinkage, tool standards , critical dimension analysis , hot runner connector type etc.
>2. Primary tool layouts/ 3D design

>3. Moldflow Analysis
>4. Mold design ( It has to approved by customer before steel cutting)

>5. Tool building

>6. Mold tryout

>7. Repair & Modification

>8. Tool shipment

>9. Lessons Learned

Data Transfer/Translation
Data can be transferred by e-mail (20MB), FTP or disk. We accept all major data formats (NX, Catia, SolidWorks, STEP, Parasolid, IGES, DWG, DFX)